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Millerntorgallery #6 recap

Boibel MTG StepsIts the first time that I was invited to Hamburg for the annual Millerntor Gallery festival days that take place in the football stadium of FC St. Pauli during off season. Up to 100 international artist show their work, lectures are given, concerts are played and art is being auctioned off  trying to inspire peoples to get more involved in social activities. During these four days I Read More

#OibelArt Atelier Sale

It only was a short time, but i knew it all before and i enjoyed the time i had there. I’m talking about my current studio my atelier my production center. I have to get out by end of May so im using this moment to invite anybody who is interested to my place to come and have a look at the paintings i have there. Some are on canvas, some on wood others on paper, but i also have painted a bunch of objects that are none of the mentioned. I’m horrified by the thought of having to put all of this in a storage so if you want some get some, just write a mail to oibel1@gmail.com and we can speak about the details, if youre interested that is. And yes, i’m looking for a new place to be, if you have any idea where that could be or if you have some spare place i will be very happy to get the info. Btw sorry for this bad picture.

In my Sketchbook

Si ti tahw si ti…

si ti tahw si ti…
Size: A2
Sharpie and Molotow paint on paper

Oibotics on paper

Spray & Molotow paint on paper
Size: A3
Price: 190.- each

No Justice No Peace!

Yet another mind map…

All in my…

My kind of mind map.

Stay Trippy

A little drawing to kick off the afternoon…