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Indoor and Outdoor space design and conception

Whether inside an office space, exterior facades or any type of commercial/private interior – no matter if it’s a big wall or a complicated surface – Oibel1 will set the space free from boredom. Revive the place and create a joyful, energetic environment using colorful OibelArt as a decorative element.

StudioForma-Job-Short-Wall Jugi-Uetikon---right-side-finished Container-Front-Concur


During OibelArt Workshops you will gain insights into the graffiti art, the different spray paints, markers and brushes. Oibel1 will introduce you to the basic handling of tools, graffiti techniques and StreetArt in general.
Oibel1 offers workshops for school classes, therapeutical purposes, company and public events as well as for private purpose and entertainment. Benefit from the fun and relaxed atmosphere of an Oibel1 workshop to free your mind or foster teambuilding.

Jugi Uetikon - workshop 1 Jugi-Uetikon---workshop-wip

Live Painting

Oibel1 can be booked for different type of occasions or venues – whether it’s an upscale hotel, an exclusive dining event, a nightclub appearance, shop opening, art gallery or public exhibitions. Oibel1 is known for hosting captivating live painting sessions e.g. Park Hyatt Zurich, Blue Balls Festival Lucerne, Grafik15 and many others….
Let your guests live-witness the transformation of an empty space into a singular piece of art – inspiring and unforgettable moments are included.

Grafik14-Live-Painting-Action2 BBF Live Painting


Shoes, jacket, car, furniture or even a fridge! No matter what – Oibel1 customizes any kind of object and turns it into an unique piece of art. Give ordinary objects a soul and originality with OibelArt.

Oibel White Bag Oibel Hat Oibel Chair Living Room Mercedes Fashion Days Bags Flower-Back-Piece-Jacket


  • Concur SAP, Prague
  • Studio Forma Architects, Zurich
  • Gemeinde Uetikon am See, Zurich
  • Seven (Musician)
  • Cabaret Voltaire (DADA House), Zurich
  • Blue Balls Festival, Luzern
  • Blofeld Entertainment GmbH, Zurich
  • Burgeramt, Berlin
  • Gefundenes Fressen, Hamburg
  • The Brisket, Zurich
  • SG Tattoo, St.Gallen
  • Viva Con Agua, Hamburg/Kampala/Switzerland
  • Lebeha, Belize
  • Schoffel, Zurich
  • Café Grande, Zurich
  • Serafine Food, Geneva
  • Hotel Stay, Essen
  • Streets Hotel, Paris

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For any inquiry, booking or art providing, please get in touch with me by email. I’ll do my best to answer you back as soon as possible.