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Lebeha Mural in Belize

The Lebeha Wall

I spent a few weeks in beautiful Hopkins Village Belize with the fam. We stayed at the Lebeha Beach Cabanas which are managed by family aswell. I had the great opportunity to do a nice mural on a 20 meter wall. Located behind the wall is Lebeha the Garifuna Drumming Center where lessons can be taken and cabanas can be rented if you wish to stay for a while.

Because I didnt want to get roasted I had to put in work in the early morning hours before the sun would hit the wall shortly before mid day. Every now and then mangos would pound the ground dropping from a huge tree at the end of the wall, Mango Season is about to pop off. I also had to eat some dust from the trucks driving by but it was absolutely worth it. As far as I’m concerned Lebeha means ‘in the back’ in Garifuna which is the language of the Garifuna peoples. I had a lot of fun doing this, thanks to everybody who stopped by and showed me love, I’ll be back soon!

Making of Lebeha Wall

Making of Lebeha Wall

Wall center left

Center of Wall w Drums

Wall DrumsWall Lebeha lettering

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