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Concur Container Painting Prague

Container Front Concur

Went to Prague for the first time and I had a mission: Paint the shipping container installed in the office of Concur SAP. Since all of it was supposed to happen indoor I used the MTN water based spray paint and refills to do the job, it worked out perfect. Because of the corrigated surface I wouldnt be able to do a nice outline with spray so I decided to do it with the brush. When I started the outline I thought to myself: fak, what did I get myself into!? But as I continued it worked out better and better. I’m really satisfied how the whole piece came out, also the Oibot on the side turned out pretty clean so I’m super happy. Thanks to the peeps over at Concur for having me, was a nice experience. And also the City of Prague is beautiful, have to get back there asap.

Container Side Concur

Container Concur wip Container Concur wip2

Concur Container detail1 Concur Container detail4 Container corner Concur

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